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Press release GC Art, Leipzig (29.8.2006, German)
 Flyer.pdf (Stuttgart) 
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The following files and credits are available solely for non-commericial use, publicity and press work associated with the pong.mythos exhibition. When using the images here, please include the proper credits. All images remain the property of the owner.
[Picture from the exhibition] 
Title: pong.mythos at Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
Photo Credit: Marc Grimm
Title: Pong, (1972), ATARI
Photo Credit: STephan Kambor
Title: Super Pong, Atari, 1976 Homeversion of the Atari Pong coin op game. Copyright: Computerspielemuseum
Photo Credit: Michael Panckow
File: superpong.jpg

Title: Brown Box
Description: The so called Brown Box is the prototype of the later Odyssey console, which in 1972 was the first home video game. The Brown Box was built in
1968 by Ralph H. Baer (USA).
Foto Credit: STephan Kambor 
File: brown_box_1968.JPG

Title: Brown Box Demonstration
Description: One of the first demonstrations of the prototype of the later Odyssey Video game, which was in 1972 the first home video game. The demonstration was done in 1968 by the inventor Ralph H. Baer.

File: demo_baer_brown_box_1968.bmp
File: demo2_baer_brown_box_1968.bmp

Title: Odyssey
The Odyssey console was launched in 1972 and was the first home videogame. One of the 12 available games was a tennis game.
Copyright: Computerspiele Museum
Photo Credit: Michael Panckow
File: Odyssey_6.JPG

Title:  Blinkenlights (2001)
Artist: Projekt Blinkenlights  (D)
Photo Credit:
File: blinkenlights_2001.jpg

Title: Camping Pong (2004)
Artist: Noel Nissen (USA)
Photo Credit:
File: campingpong_flyer.tif

Title: Ping Pong  (1968)
Artist: Valie Export  (A)
Photo Credit:Sammlung Generali Foundation, Wien. Werner Kaligofsky
File: Ping_Pong_1968.jpg

Title: Pongmechanik (2004)
Artist: Niklas Roy (D)
Photo Credit: Niklas Roy
File: pongmechanik_royl.jpg

Title: Tft Tennis v180° (2004)
Artist: Dirk Eijsbouts (NL)
Photo Credit: Otto Saxinger
File: tfttennisAEC01.jpg


Title: Brainpong
Artist: BBCI Berlin (Brain-Computer Interface) Fraunhofer-FIRST/Charité
Photo Credit: A.Lange
 File: BCI-Brainpong2.jpg


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